Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wilno Women Writers

Had a "catch-up" writers group meeting on monday night. Lots of discussion and very nice to be back together. Am thoroughly enjoying sandra's Mistress of the Sun and waiting to see the new draft Jenifer has brought back from mexico.

My own project is taking some form...a historical novel set in Spain with a central story involving a gitane girl and a famous bullfighter. Celestina is the daughter of a gypsy wheelwright who maintains the ranch carts for Don Ricardo Alfonso de Miura whose ranch is becoming renowned for their fearless toros. Celestina is obsessed with the livestock...wishes she could ride and ranch instead of having to mind the children and beg in the square. She befriends a cow laid up with an ailment which is due for slaughter. Only the bravest dams are allowed to bear calves and Celestina's favorite is rescued from the brink by having been set free in the pasture with the champion. She gives birth to a bull calf destined for greatness.

1932: birth of Celestina
1942 birth of
1945 Celestina attends corrida and falls in love with torrero.

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